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Lavallette​ NJ​ Real​ ​Estate

Sunrise in Lavallette New Jersey.

The town of Lavallette is a small shore town off the coast of New Jersey on the Barnegat Peninsula and faces the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its location on the Barnegat Peninsula it also borders on the Barnegat Bay. Lavallette has a long history and was founded back in 1872. Due to this long history the town has become well established and is a highly desirable place to live which was recognized in 2008 when the town was voted the 8 the best place to live in New Jersey by the New Jersey Monthly Magazine.

Living in Lavallette

In Lavallette the beaches are the main attraction. There is an ocean beach which is on the Atlantic Ocean and there is a bay beach which is on the Barnegat Bay. Here you will find that there are lifeguards and that certain areas of the beaches are designated for certain activities. Particularly, there are certain stretches that are set aside for just surfing or kayaking. At the ocean beaches there is also a boardwalk that goes parallel to the beach and provides different access points to the beach itself.

There are many amenities in Lavallette that help to keep residents active. The town has multiple fitness classes like Zumba, Insanity and Tai Chi that are offered weekly and available to residents for a small fee. For a pre- or post workout jog you can head down to the boardwalk to cool down.

For shopping and dining, many of the options can be found on Route 35 north which turns into Grand Central Avenue. Here you will find a wider variety of stores that range from independent to bigger companies.

Real Estate in Lavallette

Lavallette real estate is desired due to the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of the town but also due to its proximity to busier and more attraction filled towns as well. Living in Lavallette you can choose when you want to participate in the attractions or when you want to just stay in the quiet and relax.

The homes in Lavallette vary in style and can range in price with many in the multi-million-dollar range. Here you will find the most desired properties to be ocean front or bay front. These will offer the best views and the easiest access to whichever water way you prefer.

There is also a large rental market in Lavallette for vacation rentals with properties getting snatched up quickly for the upcoming summer. This is a great thing for those looking to buy a vacation home and possibly rent it out when not being used by your personally.

Homes For Sale in Lavallette NJ

If you are ready to search for your future home in Lavallette then you can head to the Glenmary Real Estate Agency website and use the search function there. You can also contact the team at Glenmary for any assistance needed.