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Houses for Sale in Manasquan

New Jersey Lake birds eye view
A small borough in Monmouth County, Manasquan is located on the New Jersey Coast and faces the Atlantic Ocean. It is also bordered by multiple bodies of water that all lead out to the Manasquan Inlet which eventually makes its way to the ocean. Ranked as one of the best places to live in New Jersey Monthly Magazine at one time, the borough is certainly a place to consider at the top of your list whether it is for a full-time residence or a second

Living in Manasquan

Manasquan is a popular destination for tourists in the summer months as the population swells during this time when tourists are looking to enjoy themile-long beach and ocean. However, as smaller homes in the area are torn down and replaced by larger residences the number of full time residents is on the rise.

Away from the beach there are also many amenities that make Manasquan a desirable community to reside in. There is a large number of recreation areas for different outdoor activities. These activities include biking, boating, fishing and enjoying wild life. The park areas include a bike path that goes from North Main Street to Allenwood which provides a great opportunity for exercise or to simply travel through the area by bike.

The borough of Manasquan is also known as a destination for those looking to enjoy the surrounding nightlife. Most notably, many come from around the state in the summer months to go to places like Leggett’s which provide live music, drinks and dancing to enjoy throughout the season.

For bigger attractions like amusement rides, Manasquan is just a short distance away from Point Pleasant Beach which has Jenkinson’s boardwalk and offers many other amenities.

Downtown Manasquan also offers many unique shops and restaurants for you to enjoy. The community is very close so it would be no surprise to run into someone you know downtown or meet someone new. In the downtown area there are also many events that happen throughout the year including craft fairs and farmer’s markets.

Real Estate in Manasquan

There are multiple desirable areas in Manasquan to have home. It is all dependent upon preference but there are ocean front homes, homes by the inlet and downtown historic district homes. Many of the homes near the ocean front are new luxury builds which are taking the place of smaller beach cottages.

The ocean front properties are directly on the beach and typically only separated by the boardwalk of Manasquan. This allows for great ocean views and easy access. In the historic district by the downtown area you will find older home which have amazing character and charm. These have mostly been updated to bring them into today’s market standards. These can typically be spotted easily by looking for the wrap around porches and the ornate details that the homes provide.

Homes For Sale in Manasquan

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