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Mantoloking​ NJ​ Real​ ​Estate

Jersey Shore Boardwalk Beach Scenic
A small borough in Ocean County, Mantoloking is a part of New Jersey’s gold coast, which is them wealthiest part of the Jersey shore’s coast. In fact, Mantoloking is the wealthiest town in the entire state of New Jersey and the 15 th wealthiest in the country. The borough is less than a square mile in size and is accessed by the Mantoloking bridge which spans the Barnegat Bay starting from Brick Township. Mantoloking is a part of the Barnegat Peninsula which is a barrier island that separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Barnegat Bay. This makes for a great place to enjoy the beach or boating activities.

Living in Mantoloking

Mantoloking is a quiet and affluent beach town perfect for those looking to escape. With a small population, the borough is quiet for a New Jersey shore town. You will not get the summer time influx of visitors to the extent that many other shore towns see. This leaves you to enjoy the relaxing wide beach or spend time boating on the Barnegat bay.

While Mantoloking was one of the most notable towns hit by Hurricane Sandy, it has since recovere and properties have been redeveloped as well as the beach which has been replenished and is now notably wider than many other beaches along the coast of New Jersey.

Even though Mantoloking is quiet, it has the convenience of being closer to other bigger beach towns like Point Pleasant that have more lively attractions when they are desired or when friends and family visit.

Real Estate in Mantoloking

Being one of the wealthiest towns in the country as well as the number one wealthiest town in New Jersey, one would expect that there are many large and luxurious homes in this small borough, which is very true. The homes for sale in Mantoloking are typically multi-million-dollar properties and are finished with the most exquisite options. There is also a large amount of new construction and updated homes due to rebuilding from hurricane Sandy.

With Mantoloking being part of a barrier island there are many options for waterfront property here as there is a coast that borders the Atlantic and a coast that borders the Barnegat Bay. The waterfront allows for properties to have their own dock space which is perfect for the boat lovers and water sport enthusiasts. Also, many of the properties that face the bay have pools that overlook the bay.

Most properties also have ample entertaining space which comes in handy when friends and family want to come visit at the beach. In addition to entertaining space, most homes also have multiple sleeping options for guests.

Search for Homes in Mantoloking

If you are looking for a home or a retreat in Mantoloking then searching with the Glenmary Real Estate Agency is the perfect first step. Glenmary is the leading real estate brand for luxury properties at the New Jersey shore and has a team of experts that can help you find the perfect town and property for you.  If you are looking for a real estate agent outside of Ocean and Monmouth County NJ, check out our partners at My Trusted Agents.